About Our Merch


About Our Merch

Founded in 1978, supersisters™ began as a publisher of a baseball-type trading card-series featuring American women of achievement and quickly became known as an innovative educational brand in women’s and girl’s empowerment.

The original groundbreaking supersisters™ product included a set of 72 collectible trading cards – intended as a way for girls to learn about the accomplishments of established women leaders across a variety of professional pursuits as varied as sports, science, entertainment, engineering, politics, and powerful corporate roles in a fun and accessible format - an opportunity that four decades ago was missing from much of mainstream media, marketing, toys, and textbooks.

Represented on the cards (through photos, biographies, and personal quotes of the permissioned participants) were living, American women who had made distinguished contributions in their professional fields. Approximately 500 women were invited to participate. The first 72 responses were featured on the original cards - numbered in order of the responses received. Bella Abzug, Rosie Casals, Susie Chaffey, Katharine Graham, Helen Hayes, Margaret Mead, Rosa Parks, Gloria Steinem, and Kathrine Switzer were among those included in the original series of supersisters™ trading cards first made available worldwide through mail order in 1979.

Today, we have reimagined throwback style supersisters™ logo apparel for you and your supersisters to wear in celebration of the transformative power of the pioneering women of the 1970’s and the uncompromising spirit of girls everywhere.

And fueled by demand from our fans and as a pre-cursor to our full (re)launch of supersisters™ in 2022, we are offering a limited-edition reprint of the uncut poster featuring the complete set of original 72 supersisterscards (circa 1979). The two-sided 24in x 36in poster features each of the original 72 supersisters card images on the front and the corresponding biography of the featured supersister on the back.

This limited-edition reprint of the original uncut supersisters™poster is a great gift for multiple generations. The poster is also a great gift for educators to include in their classroom activities to remind girls and boys of the amazing contributions of 72 women who shattered glass ceilings in the 1970’s.

Leave the poster unframed, laminate, or place between two pieces of plastic or acrylic to easily flip from front to back OR purchase a set of two and frame both the front and the back.

Join us as we celebrate the past, look to the future, and continue to create inspiration, innovation, and impact from the supersisters™ brand for years to come.

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